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Children and Youths


U- Untersuchungen

We offer check-ups for children and adolescents from U4.

  • U4-U9 (3rd month to 5th year of life) including the U7a at 3 years of age

  • U10 (7-8 years)

  • U11 (9-10 years)

Youth examinations

  • J1 (12-14 years)

  • J2 (16-17 years)

  • Youth protection examinations

  • An examination authorisation certificate is required. This examination authorisation certificate is issued by the municipality in which the young person has their main place of residence and is free of charge.

  • Further information for Hesse:


Counselling and implementation of all recommended vaccinations. According to the current recommendations of the Standing Committee on Vaccination.

youth health and safety examination

The youth health and safety examination is carried out before the start of the apprenticeship if the apprentice has not yet reached the age of 18.

For apprentices who have not reached the age of 18 after the 1st year of apprenticeship, a 2nd examination will take place.

Scope of examination:

  • Medical history: vaccination status, family situation, mental and physical development.
  • Physical examination


It is used for early detection of health risks in the physical and psychosocial spheres and to identify occupational risks.