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Skin cancer

Skin cancer screening

Skin cancer is a disease in which malignant cells of the skin can multiply unhindered and destroy their immediate surroundings and also affect the entire body.

The main risk factor for the development of skin cancer is excessive UV radiation from sunlight and tanning beds.

Skin cancer screening is required for:

  • More pronounced and frequent sunburn reactions in childhood and adolescence
  • Intense sunlight – frequent stay outdoors
  • Light-skinned and red-haired people
  • A high number of birthmarks
  • Cases of skin cancer in the family
  • Frequent work with arsenic or tar
  • Exposure to radioactive rays – for example, after radiation therapy
  • Taking immune system-inhibiting drugs

Skin cancer screening is performed at regular intervals. It includes a close examination of the skin, from head to toe. Conspicuous and suspicious skin changes can be detected and removed in time.

Your benefit

Skin cancer is a steadily increasing and dangerous disease that affects many patients every year. You can protect yourself from both the cancer and its serious consequences through regular skin cancer screening.

If necessary, skin cancer screening can be performed in conjunction with the check-up.